Adventures on the Farm

Adventures on the Farm: Blind Pup Thrives with Sighted Sisters

This little blind pup brings so much joy to everyone he meets. Despite his disability, he's always up for an adventure and loves to share his experiences with his Facebook friends. Along with his sighted "sisters," he has the freedom to explore the neighboring agricultural properties, running through fields of wheat and soy, jumping above the crops to navigate, and even playfully chasing deer. They also enjoy splashing around and drinking from the canal that runs through the property.


Adventures on the Farm

Originally, he and his sighted brother were supposed to be fostered for two weeks until they found a permanent home. However, when his brother was adopted and moved to New York, no one wanted to adopt him due to his blindness. Luckily, he was given the opportunity to stay with his furry siblings and their three cats. Since then, he's been an amazing foster brother to three different sets of puppies, and even another permanent foster with heart issues.

We can't help but smile when we think of this special pup and how he's overcome his challenges to live such a full and happy life. His positive attitude and unwavering spirit are an inspiration to us all. Let's all give him a round of applause and wish him and his furry family a lifetime of love and adventures!

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