Dogs Leave An ‘Apology’ Letter

Dogs Leave An ‘Apology’ Letter For The Mailman After They Stole Her Lunch

Six years ago, Carol Jordan adopted her pets Bear and Bull. The two black lab mixes are very much like canine Weasley twins – constantly finding a way to get into trouble.

The two rescue dogs are brothers, therefore they’ve been partners in crime since day one, constantly doing naughty things around the house such as pulling down drainpipes, chewing up doorjambs, and destroying not one, not two, but three lawnmowers!

Yet their mother loves them no matter what – even with all the holes they’ve dug around their home in Smithfield, Virginia.

Dogs Leave An ‘Apology’ Letter

“They just can’t help themselves,” Jordan said to The Dodo. “We never catch them in the act, we just see the destruction afterward.”

Dogs Leave An ‘Apology’ Letter

While their mom seems to be able to handle their antics, that doesn’t mean that the twosome are unable of taking things to far, like when they crossed a line earlier this month with the unsuspecting postal worker who came around the farm in order to drop off some mail.

“When delivery folks come up, they just leave their doors open and hop out to deliver,” Jordan said. “The boys (as we call them) will take any chance to jump into a vehicle.”

By the time the postal worker had walked back to her truck, she found both Bear and Bull polishing off the last of her carefully packed lunch.

Not knowing what else to do, the mail carrier decided to leave a not for the boys’ owner, letting them know what happened in case the dogs got sick.

“Hey! I drove up to deliver a package and both of the dogs crawled in my truck,” the note read. “They got into my lunch and ate an egg and some carrots and pumpkin seeds. I don’t know if that will upset their tummies, just FYI!”

Jordan was touched by the mail carrier’s concern so she decided to repay her – including the carrots which the dogs had spit back out on the grass. Jordan and Bear and Bull then gave the postal worker a gift card for a new lunch plus a note of apology.

Dogs Leave An ‘Apology’ Letter

“It was so nice of her to leave us a note of concern for the dogs that we decided to get her a gift card from the ‘boys’ to make up for them eating her lunch,” Jordan said. “I brought the note and card to the post office the following week so they could give it to the carrier.”

The note read, “Sorry we ate your lunch. Thank you for sharing! P.S. Our humans said, ‘Thank you’ for leaving a note. We didn’t like the note. We got in trouble.”

Dogs Leave An ‘Apology’ Letter

This isn’t the first time that the pair of brothers have gotten into mischief when it comes to a courier service. One unfortunate FedEx driver learned the hard way that the two big dogs like to ride shotgun.

“Our FedEx delivery man told us that he came up to deliver and he left his door open. The boys jumped in and one sat ready to drive and the other ready to be a passenger in the front seat,” Jordan recalled. “He kept throwing dog biscuits trying to get them to come out — but they wouldn’t.”

It’s safe to say that all mail carriers who work the route of Jordan’s home are well aware of the dogs and their antics. However, the jury is still out on whether or not Bear and Bull actually feel bad for all the trouble they cause.

“They don’t really regret anything they do!” Jordan stated. “They will look guilty for a while, but then it is all fun and games with them again.”

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