How to Support Your Local Animal Shelter Without Adopting

How to Support Your Local Animal Shelter Without Adopting

How to Support Your Local Animal Shelter Without Adopting

Feeling inspired to help the pets in your community but not ready to take on the responsibility of adopting one? Not sure where to start? There are so many different ways you can be of help to animals in need and the people who care for them. For starters, figure out what you’re good at, and then you can use those skills to help spread awareness, collect donations, or volunteer. Here are several ways you can help out:

Make and donate toys

Are you creative? Do you love arts and crafts? Spend a rainy afternoon crafting some DIY toys to donate to a local shelter. You can use old scraps of clothing, blankets, or towels to make some animals very happy with some unique toys!

Volunteer at a shelter

One of the most useful and easiest ways to help out is by volunteering at a shelter. Shelters are often short on staff and on help–volunteering at a shelter for a few days a week, or even just for an afternoon can be a great help to the staff and animals.

Foster an animal

If you are unable to permanently adopt an animal–whether you are constantly on the move or traveling or for some other reason–try to volunteer as a foster parent. Fostering is super helpful for young pets or animals that have health problems and need more personalized care, it can also help you discover whether or not you are ready to adopt a pet.

Volunteer to help walk pets

Regular exercise is incredibly important for animals, and animals at shelters don’t necessarily get all the exercise that they need. Enjoy some fresh air with an animal by walking outside; ask your local shelter if they are interested in volunteers helping out by taking animals on walks. 

Help socialize the animals

Many animals in shelters don’t have a lot of practice socializing with humans. You can help out a shelter and the animals by volunteering to spend time playing or cuddling with the animals. This can help out with animal behavior long term, and help them get adopted faster. 

Spread awareness

Utilize social media, posters, or word-of-mouth to educate your friends and family about local animal shelters and their needs, as well as other important information like the benefits of spaying and neutering cats and dogs. Spaying/neutering will help reduce unwanted pregnancies as well as keep large litters of unwanted kittens and puppies from ending up in shelters. 

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