Paul Rudd To Adopt Look-Alike Dog Adoption Story

Paul Rudd To Adopt Look-Alike Dog Adoption Story

An animal shelter in Tennessee recently caught the attention of social media after naming one of their rescue dogs after the popular actor, Paul Rudd. The 2-year-old, 65-pound Australian shepherd mix, originally named Waffle House, was renamed Pawl Ruff due to his uncanny resemblance to the Hollywood star.

Paul Rudd

Collierville Animal Services took in Pawl Ruff and were hoping that Paul Rudd would adopt the pup. The shelter posted a plea on Twitter for Rudd to consider adopting the celebrity look-alike, accompanied by a photo collage highlighting the similarities between the two.

Paul Rudd Dog Look alike

The comparisons are shockingly similiar.

The photo collage highlighted the similarities between Paul and Pawl, particularly when it comes down to their facial expression.

Collierville shared an update on Facebook less than a week later, explaining that the pup ended up going viral thanks to his looks.

Paul Rudd To Adopt Look-Alike Dog Adoption Story

Although Paul Rudd did not end up adopting Pawl Ruff, the story quickly went viral, attracting the attention of local resident Jennifer Roy. Roy quickly submitted an application to adopt the dog, worried that someone else might beat her to it. Just a week after the shelter's initial plea, Jennifer officially welcomed Pawl Ruff, now renamed Rowdy, into her home.

While the shelter's wish for Paul Rudd to adopt Pawl Ruff did not come true, the story still ended with a happy ending as Rowdy found a loving new home. The attention garnered by the story also helped to raise awareness for animal adoption and the many deserving pets waiting for their forever homes.

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