Spending Valentines Day with the Real Love of Your Life: Your Pet

Spending Valentines Day with the Real Love of Your Life: Your Pet

Love is in the air! Grocery store shelves are overflowing with red and pinks, stuffed bears and flowers–every couple you know is scrambling for dinner reservations. Even if you’re in a relationship, don’t forget about your true love–your furry friend! Your pet loves you unconditionally in a way that your partner would never understand, and they’d never ghost you. At Sponsor a Pet, we want to show your pet as much love as they deserve this Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas to make Valentine’s Day as special as your pet deserves it to be:

Spoil them with gifts:

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Either way, your pet isn’t going to know how much you spent on them. Whether it be a new treat, squeaky toy, or an entire pet palace, add some excitement to your pets’ day with something new and exciting! If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can upcycle something around the house–restuff a well-loved stuffy. No matter what you come up with, playing and interacting with your pet is an excellent way to show your pet you love them.

Pamper your pet:

If your pet loves getting brushed, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spend a few extra minutes brushing them–if your pet is a fan of grooming, this can be an awesome way to bond with your pet. If you’re feeling like splurging, take your pet to a professional grooming session. If not, a thorough brushing and quick bath are still a lovely way to keep your pet lookin’ fresh!

Do some of your pets’ favorite activities together:

Even if your pet doesn’t know that it’s Valentine’s Day, you can still have an extra special day together. Anything from taking your pet on an extra long walk, visiting a park, or playing fetch. If your pet loves to just sleep, taking a nap together would even be a good activity–and a good way for you to relax. 

Have a “Date Night”:

If your pet isn’t one for outdoor excursions, cuddle up on the couch together, put on a good movie, and relax. You could even make a “special” dinner for your pet, adding in a few extra treats they don’t normally get. Give your pet all of your attention and cuddles, make them feel super special!

There are endless ways to make your pet feel extra special this Valentine’s Day–Happy Valentine’s Day from Sponsor a Pet to you and your pet!

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