The Story of Rosie, the Grocery Store Stowaway

The Story of Rosie, the Grocery Store Stowaway

It all started when my family was looking to expand our furry friend pack. Our current pup, Myra, was getting a big lonely as an only pup. My dad mentioned this to his coworker, Sarah, during a casual chat, that we were looking for a good fit for our family. Like magic, the solution walked right into Sarah's sister's life. Literally.

Picture this: Sarah's sister is unloading groceries from her car when this blur of golden fur appears out of nowhere and hops right in the backseat. Talk about a surprise shopper! Sarah's sister, both amused and a little bewildered, called Sarah to share this bizarre grocery store encounter.  And that's when fate stepped in.

Since her sister was unable to keep the new found pup, Sarah knew exactly who needed a new furry copilot in their life: our family.  She sent a picture of this sweet stowaway to my dad, and that was it. He was smitten. We learned this little wanderer, whom we later named Rosie, had been found wandering the streets of National City without a chip or collar.  Nobody knew how long she'd been there or why she decided to try and hitchhike, but we are eternally grateful for her grocery store pitstop.

The shelter told us they'd only hold Rosie for 3 days. Needless to say, my dad and little brother wasted no time. They were at the shelter the very next day, meeting our sweet, goofy Rosie in person. And let me tell you, that first meeting sealed the deal. Rosie wasn't just adorable, she was overflowing with personality. And when I heard she had peed on my brother on the drive back home, it was no surprise to me that I ended up falling in love with her. 

Meanwhile, I was completely oblivious to the whirlwind unfolding.  One night, nestled in bed scrolling through my phone, my mom waltzed in and announced, "Your dad brought home a surprise." I excitedly made my way to our backyard and there she was. Rosie, our gorgeous, sweet angel, greeting me with an eager wagging tail and endless joyful kisses. 

Since that day on October 14th of 2018, she has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives, and it's hard to imagine our little pack without her. We are so thankful for this little angel who chose us (or maybe chose a free ride and landed in the lap of love!).



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