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What you can expect from your donation


Every Donation Receives Monthly Updates

Statistics of how many animals / shelters you've impacted

Monthly Email updates collectively of Sponsor a Pet's impact

Notification of your animal's birthday

Recognition of outstanding Donors

Volunteer Spotlight - Learn how others are making an impact in their community



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Discounts from our Corporate Sponsorships

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How can I be sure that my donation is helping the pet I donated to?

All the organizations featured on Sponsor a Pet are certified 501(c)3
non-profits that have been vetted by us.  After your donation, you will receive monthly updates regarding the non-profit or the animal that you’re sponsoring.

How do I obtain my donation receipt?

After each donation, a receipt is emailed to you.  You can review all your donations in your user profile dashboard.

Can my donation be refunded?

In order to support the urgent needs of our non-profit partners, we process the donations as quickly as possible to get them in the hands of animals in need.  Because of this, refunds are not possible.